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October 27th 2010

Publié le 29 Octobre 2010 par cheeky photography

Yeah !!! Since 3 or 4 years I wanted to do this, but every time, a probleme appeared ... Last year, the Hasselblad was out of order, and I had to change the sensor for the second time, sending it back to the factory in Denmark. The year before, the colors weren't synchronized ...

I went to the place on Tuesday, but the sun was away at 2h30 pm in the valley !!!  As I felt it was good for the colors and as the forecast were good for the day after, I decided to come back on Wednesday, earlier of course ! 

What a lovely time !!! I was alone in the forest with my camera, with both the colors of the leaves, the forest's scents, and the river flowing through the forest with power, all this surrounding me with nothing else ! ... and after each picture, I was looking on the back screen of the camera, and the pics was very good !!! Near what I expected to do ...

You can see there some of those pics ...










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