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November 14th 2010

Publié le 14 Novembre 2010 par cheeky photography

As you know it, the nature is able to give us stunning visions with different elements ... Here is the sunrise today. After having working all night long, I went outside to breathe some fresh air before going to bed. It was around 7h00 AM, and the light in the sky was really incredible !!! The Hasselblad was in charge, and it is also not easy to work with just a few light, because the sensor is better with low sensibility, but anyway, I knew also that the quality will be better than the Nikon of course ... So, I decided to take the pics with it. The first pics are taken from my house, and then, I decided to take my car to catch the light in others places around Montsegur castle, knowing the short time I had to do that, because the sun was rising rather fast and this light was not eternal.






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